5 signs you may have a plumbing problem:

  1. slow running drains
  2. unpleasant odours in the kitchens and bathrooms
  3. sewerage overflow into the property
  4. toilet paper overflowing from opening outside the drain
  5. any toilet bowl filling and overflowing.

Our top 4 common causes of plumbing disasters:

  1. tree root infestation – nearby trees can slowly grow into the drain system, causing gradual blockage of the line and/or breaking the pipes in the process.
  2. broken pipes – if you have had major works (e.g. an extension or new driveway) the increased weight-load above an old pipe system can cause pipes to become broken. Look out for an increased water bill, or flooding in the street nearby to your home.
  3. personal hygiene items – the increased use of flushable wipes is really causing issues these days. It may say it is ‘flushable’, but my advice is just don’t risk it! The resulting problems can be pricey – and extremely messy!
  4. Cooking build-up – pouring fat down the drain can cause blockages and narrowing of pipes. When you’re cooking and have to dispose of a large amount of fat it is best to use a small container and put it into the bin instead of down your drain.

What is it going to cost?

The sky is really the limit when it comes to cost associated with major plumbing problems at your property – a blocked drain can do significant damage to a house; cause major disruption to your lifestyle; and also can have huge cost implications.

Who can help with plumbing emergencies?

Only certain plumbers do emergency callout work. As a standard, you should ask any plumber the following questions;

  1. how many years’ experience do you have?
  2. what equipment do you carry that can locate drains underground?
  3. are you licensed by the VBA (‘Victorian Building Association’ – make sure you actually see their licence, or look them up on the VBA ‘find a practitioner’ tool)
  4. do you have insurance? – a registered plumber must hold insurance that protects you in case of any defective plumbing work
  5. Can you provide references for similar work for other clients for similar work?


Our top tips:

  1. Be wary of price-shopping when engaging trade professionals – getting it ‘right first time’ really is the best option when it comes to household plumbing problems.
  2. always ensure you have seen their licence
  3. always ensure you speak to previous clients before committing to have that tradesperson work at your property.

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