If you plan to extend your family home there are a few specific things you need to be aware of with respect to plumbing in your newly refurbished home.

  1. VBA regulations state that new extensions cannot be built over old earthenware drains
    Stumps and concrete slabs have the potential to damage drains and can lead to huge costs that may not be covered by insurance. If you are unsure of whether this applies to your drains, you can book a plumbing inspection to find out.
  2. You need to have accurate plans of the drains that service your house
    Usually the water authority can provide these plans, but if they aren’t available you will need find a plumber who has location equipment who can perform this service for you.
  3. The plumber undertaking the work will need to be specialised and experienced. You should ask them the following questions;
    1. how many years’ experience do you have?
    2. what equipment do you carry that can locate drains underground?
    3. are you licensed by the VBA (‘Victorian Building Association’ – make sure you actually see their license, or look them up on the VBA ‘find a practitioner’ tool)
    4. do you have insurance? – a registered plumber must hold insurance that protects you in case of any defective plumbing work
    5. Can you provide references for similar work for other clients?
  4. Be aware of the cost implications of moving existing kitchens/bathrooms and appliances
    Particularly if your property is on a concrete slab; ‘simply’ changing an existing bedroom to a bathroom; or even moving amenities around within a room – may not be quite that simple. Ensure you have got all the information and consulted professional trades before you commit to your extension plans!

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